5 Things You Need To Do Before You Start A PR Campaign

5 things you need start a pr campaign

For an independent musician or a music company, PR campaign is that marketing strategy that plays a critical role to help you to increase the online influence, reach to new fans, understand the market place and to create content that continues to build the strength of the existing fans on social media pages. For running a successful PR campaign and achieving success out of it, one should keep in mind the following things:

Things To Do Before Start A PR Campaign

1. Music for Release

Before hiring any PR person or starting a PR campaign, there should be music available for the media to listen to. Usually, one has to release at least 4 songs just around 1-1.5 months before the start of the outreach date. Also, it is said that PR campaign can be done for music that has been released, previously. Try keeping the campaign conservative though like may be a year of six months, more than that you will just be pushing it.

2. A Professional, Compelling, Telling Bio

The bio should be professionally written and it should tell the story of who you are and how you stand out in the market. An amazing bio is a must for an effective PR campaign. It should be written in such a way that people get to know you, about your projects-on going and up-coming projects. Though the music will speak for itself, but you have to talk about yourself in the music too which excites the people to play the music.

3. Professional Promo Photos

You know what are the major reasons that make people click on the write-up, it’s the photo. So, for always promoting the campaigns, use great pictures.

4. Some Serious Consideration of Genre

One has to identify the particular niche and then design their PR campaign. It’s very important that the niche you choose does not reflect your genre of music.

5. A Social Media Presence

The main and most important thing for a PR campaign is the social media presence.Try getting likes and followers and promotes your content and posts. For PR to be fully effective, every feature should be promoted through social media. You should post  1 post in a day on Facebook, 2/3 tweets in a day,  blog post in a week, 1 newsletter per month, 1 video on YouTube in every month and Instagram posts at least 5 times in a week.