5 Things You Need To Do Before You Start A PR Campaign

For an independent musician or a music company, PR campaign is that marketing strategy that plays a critical role to help you to increase the online influence, reach to new fans, understand the market place and to create content that continues to build the strength of the existing fans on social media pages. For running a successful PR campaign and achieving success out of it, one should keep in mind the following things:

Things To Do Before Start A PR Campaign

1. Music for Release

Before hiring any PR person or starting a PR campaign, there should be music available for the media to listen to. Usually, one has to release at least 4 songs just around 1-1.5 months before the start of the outreach date. Also, it is said that PR campaign can be done for music that has been released, previously. Try keeping the campaign conservative though like may be a year of six months, more than that you will just be pushing it.

2. A Professional, Compelling, Telling Bio

The bio should be professionally written and it should tell the story of who you are and how you stand out in the market. An amazing bio is a must for an effective PR campaign. It should be written in such a way that people get to know you, about your projects-on going and up-coming projects. Though the music will speak for itself, but you have to talk about yourself in the music too which excites the people to play the music.

3. Professional Promo Photos

You know what are the major reasons that make people click on the write-up, it’s the photo. So, for always promoting the campaigns, use great pictures.

4. Some Serious Consideration of Genre

One has to identify the particular niche and then design their PR campaign. It’s very important that the niche you choose does not reflect your genre of music.

5. A Social Media Presence

The main and most important thing for a PR campaign is the social media presence.Try getting likes and followers and promotes your content and posts. For PR to be fully effective, every feature should be promoted through social media. You should post  1 post in a day on Facebook, 2/3 tweets in a day,  blog post in a week, 1 newsletter per month, 1 video on YouTube in every month and Instagram posts at least 5 times in a week.

Why Formal Music Education is Important for a Musician?

Music is a soulful art. Many aspiring musicians believe that self-teaching is the best way to achieve instant fame in the music industry. Even though it is true that some musicians will succeed with this viewpoint, but the reality is quite different. Basic knowledge is a must for doing anything good. Similarly, a formal music education or training is compulsory for an aspiring musician. This formal education will not just include an introduction to the music theory,  it should also make the students well versed with the cultural roots and implication of the music. This essential music education profits both the aspiring musicians and the music industry.

Reasons behind the importance of Music Education:

In order to become a good musician, it is important to have basic knowledge about the music and its form. Here are more reasons why this basic education is important.

1. Music education and communication: The very first and important need that formal music education meets is that it makes  the aspirants literate in the musical language. With basic education, a musician gets the understanding of musical patterns, an ability to read notes and create good melodies. This helps musicians to communicate with other professionals and develop new concepts.

2. Making high-quality music: The music industry completely depends on the musicians who take a hold of the worth of making high-quality music. Without basic or formal knowledge of the music, the musician will not be able to create that magical melody, which is important to attract the audience.

3. Behavior and Music: Music is considered as a powerful tool of expression. It possesses the ability to alter the behavior of the listener. From calm to stress, music can help people to feel every emotion. The way tension is built and thus released within a small music piece can activate an extensive diversity of behavioral and emotional reactions from those who listen to it. For writing such responsive musical notes, a musician should have basic knowledge of the music.

The actual meaning of the music comes from the musicians who understand what music is all about. The more he/she learns, the better they’ll able to serve and convey. Musicians who are capable of creating a true connection with their listeners can get better opportunities with Music Production Los Angeles to boost their career.

Take Sessions: An Outstanding Platform For Customizable Music Education

Music is a beautiful and expressive art. It actually works like food for the soul. Whether you are a true blue music lover, a hobbyist or an amateur, the love of music is omnipresent. This art form holds the power to transform your mood and divert your attention from disturbing factors, thereby calming your senses. Jonathan Saedian is the owner of the award-winning platform, Take Sessions. He firmly believes that music has the power to alter your mind instantly.

What Take Sessions is all about?

There are countless platforms available that offer music education. Then, what makes Take Sessions different? According to Jonathan Take Sessions has played an instrumental role in making music accessible to everyone. An aspiring student can book an in-studio, at-home or online private lessons to understand the music from its roots. Take Sessions is for everyone whether he/she is just a beginner or has some basic understanding of music.

Jonathan also added that Take Sessions only connects the aspiring musicians with  experienced and vetted instructors who provide only the best in music education. He added, “We don’t believe in compromising  on the quality. Hence, we offer result-oriented programs for those who want to learn music and want to make their name in the industry.”

Who is Jonathan Saedian?

Jonathan SaedianAfter having won the second place in the CSUN’s 2016 Bull Ring venture, Jonathan has become a famous name in the music industry. The reason behind establishing his award winning start-up Take Sessions, Jonathan claims is his passion for the music from an early age. Over the years, with constant hard work, he  gained lots of experience and skills to make his name as a DJ.

The concept of Take Sessions was conceived when he started taking on students to teach. He says, “I thought, why not make a platform where students and trainers connect with each other.” At present, Take Sessions is available in Los Angeles, but he hopes to take this venture to another level. This amazing venture is not just a platform, but a passion for Jonathan.

Though Jonathan was born in Iran, at the age of 4, he moved with his family to Los Angeles. At the age of 11, he discovered his passion for music and created his own sounds. He gained lot of experience and skills and built his reputation as a DJ. He used to play regularly at the private parties and events. Just when the recession hit, he decided to offer DJ lessons in Los Angeles. The idea of Takesessions came into his mind as he started taking up students. His father helped him in purchasing all the equipment’s he needed and also helped him in setting up this new venture.

Though it took many years, but finally in 2015, Jonathan managed to start his own company. He wanted to build a brand with pure dedication and hard work. Currently, Takesessions is only available in Los Angeles, but Jonathan has plans of launching it nationwide, soon.


Tips For The Emerging Artists to Kick-Start Their Career in 2017

2016 is about to finish and you are still at the same level in your musical career. So, how are you going to ensure that coming year actually the year in which you will mark yourself as an emerging artist? It is extremely difficult to state, but there are many things available to make your work easier.

Tips for the Aspiring Musicians:

We are in the 21st century and it is considered as a digital age. Hence, you don’t need to go anywhere as everything is available at your fingertips. Here are some important tips:

1. Google is your best friend: If you are looking for the free information, then make Google your best friend to gather information. You can get lots of helpful information about the music. So in 2017, make a promise to yourself that you will read more and research a lot to sort out every little query.

2. Social networks: There are so many social channels available. But, if you used them in the right way, they can really be an outstanding asset to your musical career. For 2017, ensure that you will create an impressive profile which is easy to search and identify. To make it more effective, use high-quality images.

3. Website: If you have sufficient amount, then you can make your own website. With this, you can make your digital appearance more professional. With a specific website, you can promote your brand and services easily. Always post some amazing videos of your work so that people can watch it. This way will help you terrifically. If you already have one, redesign it and give your website a fresh appearance.

4. Manage your contact list: If you have a spreadsheet that holds writers, musicians, DJs and others, then make a sheet by using excel or Google docs. After that, write down the complete name, mail ID, contact numbers, social media handles etc. in your list to reduce your headache.

5. Make an impressive email signature: An impressive signature is very important to make your links more meaningful. A person receives countless emails every day. In such mess, you can make your signature part more effective by adding contact numbers, social media links and website link (If any).

6. Do not spam: What does it actually mean? It is suggested to everyone, do not send the links to the anonymous. An effective promotion connects people. So in 2017, no spam only engages the people.

2017 will be yours if you mixed up above-mentioned tips with your passion and hard work. Make upcoming year totally yours and shine like a star.

Do Bad Students Make The Best Stars?

You will see that many of the successful artists that you come across are loud, blunt, disobedient people just like the children who get thrown out of the school because of such attitude. It’s not necessary to always follow the rules, sometimes you might gain more success when you don’t follow the rules.

There are a few points that should be kept in mind. Firstly, in order to be successful, you don’t have to be famous. Secondly, the easiest to recall and be noticed are loud people, and thirdly, without going to school being successful is essential. So, there are about 99.9% people that are successful because they don’t late education define them or their life.

You will notice the patterns difference of non-students and students that go on to become famous or successful. Among these, you will see patterns of who breaks the mould and those who don’t. Though education plays a  big role in your life, but it’s still just a small part of your journey.

Is Music Education unfashionable?

It’s not that you only gain popularity if you go to a particular school. It’s never like you’ll become more popular if you go to the best school or to a particular school. You will find most of the successful people haven’t gone to school. Schools provides you with everything, be it the best teachers or best study. But, they only provide you with an opportunity which the students have to grab in the best possible way. Opportunities act like the backbone of education.

If you want to learn music, then getting a music education isn’t something bad or something you should think twice about. There are many music schools and institutes that provide you with best Music lessons. No matter what is your style or interest in music, learn the best with Takesessions and become successful in the field of music.

Role of Master Degree in Music for Teaching Career

To build the right career, you always need to be on the top of the field in which you are interested. If  you are passionate about music and are looking to make a  career in this field, then you should be happy to know that a trained professional musician can look forward to a variety of career opportunities.

Music field offers many job opportunities for positions such as that of a music teacher, composer, arranger, singer, pianist, guitarist, and many more. If you want to do a masters degree in music, then a music teaching career can be a great career option for you. Before you think to build a career in music, you must know what role a master’s degree plays in the field of music.

Role of master’s degree in Music:

1. Secured Job: Although teaching music seems to be a tough job, but if you have a master’s degree in the music, you will be qualified to teach music in higher universities or colleges. By teaching in higher universities, you may get a great position and also a secure job that will not only earn you well, but will also be able to fulfill your passion for music.

2. High salary: It is obvious that everyone wants to earn more and especially if they have done the master’s degree. A person who does master degree always gets higher salary than those with a Bachelor’s degree.

3. More options: With a master’s degree in music, you have more options of teaching in different institutions like higher colleges or universities, whereas those who do only bachelor’s degree, are restricted to teaching  music in the schools only.

If you have planned to do a master’s degree in music, you have a great opportunity to be a music instructor at Take Sessions by giving music lessons in Los Angeles.


Learn to DJ Classes Los Angeles

A decade ago, DJing was a massive technical as well as a financial commitment. DJing basically means bouncing down thousands on Technics and mixers. A DJ should know what they are doing and what the people in the party like or the party would turn down.

You will find Plenty of outstanding DJs that spin nightly in Los Angeles, but the field of DJ is opened up to mediocrities with no business attempting to move a crowd. If you’ve always seen DJ’s in the party and have wished to be like them. So now its easy becoming a DJ and gaining international fame. You will find  DJ school Los Angeles that provides you with the best DJ Lessons Los Angeles.

Take DJ classes Los Angeles from the best professionals

Learning music from a professional, can both be educational as well as fun, Los Angeles offers you with a number of such professionals who provide you with best DJ lessons for those who wish to groove the crowd to dance on their music. Finding out DJ lessons Los Angeles is not at all tough, as there are various platforms that young enthusiasts ways  to unite with their professional counterparts. If all you have wanted is to play popular mixes at parties and clubs then you learn from the best and search DJ school Los Angeles.

You can sign up today for DJ classes Los Angeles with take sessions. They have the highest-rated DJ professionals to provide you with the complete training of the craft of being a DJ in Los Angeles. The instructors are very talented and have excelled and achieved a lot in their field. The learner who wants to make a career in the DJ field will learn a lot because of them. You will get to learn Music theory, drum programming, beat sequencing, sound acquisition, composition and editing, Equalizer mixing, key mixing etc.

Best Music Lessons in Los Angeles

With some of the most renowned musicians and musical acts in history, like The Doors, calling Los Angeles their home, the City of Angels has rightly become the epicenter of the music industry in the United States. If you are residing in this great city, then chances are that the creative energy that is so ubiquitous with L.A. has inspired you to learn a musical instrument. Looking for the ideal instructor or finding the right online sessions for musical instruments can often become a strenuous process. And this is where Take Sessions can assist you!

Take sessions- your gateway to piano, voice and guitar lessons Los Angeles

Whether you want to gain perfection in piano lessons Los Angeles, or want to learn how to strum with guitar lessons Los Angeles or want to improve your singing skills with voice lessons Los Angeles; Take Sessions assists you in finding the right way to prefect your musical talent. Your go-to platform for private music lessons, Take Sessions is your gateway to private music lessons with some of the most talented musicians in Los Angeles. With us, you can pick your favorite musical instrument and then opt for in-home or in-studio music lessons.

In order to request for your preferred session in a music instrument, all you need to do is give a call, fill a form and book the lessons online in a matter of minutes! After you have found the perfect musician cum instructor, you have begun on your musical journey!

Finest instructors for guitar, voice and piano lessons Los Angeles

The Los Angeles music instructors that work with us are some of the best musicians available in the city. Our piano lessons Los Angeles music teachers are not only passionate about music, they are also equally crazy about teaching! Since our aim is to facilitate the best music sessions for you as a learner, at Take Sessions, we ensure that the instructors associated with us have been chosen after the authentication of their qualifications. We also follow a stringent personal screening process in order to ascertain the capability of the teacher.

With a successful matching rate, at Take Sessions, we provide you with the best instructors and Los Angeles music teachers. In case you are not satisfied with your sessions or the instructor, then we have no problem in re-matching you with another instructor as per your needs. Learning guitar lessons Los Angeles and voice lessons Los Angeles is easy with Take Sessions as you get to decide the frequency of lessons that you desire! If you’re serious about learning music, then don’t be shy to give us a call today! Trust us to provide you with the best services.


Top 10 DJing Tips for Beginners- Take Sessions

DJs embrace an appealing persona that cannot be defined in just a few words. However, music lovers have a great respect for the favorite DJs who carry unique style and charismatic personality. Such a craze can be witnessed during much acclaimed DJ nights around. There are particular attributes that draw so many fans to follow their ideal DJs and their shows. Many beginners find it difficult to learn DJing, yet a few of them achieve a significant position. The basic anchoring skills and knowledge about popular Dj music is not just sufficient to be acclaimed as a successful DJ. However, certain other eminent traits are required to be excelled, which DJ lessons Los Angeles boasts of.

Let us explore why a particular kind of DJs enjoys such a privileged association with its audience, which other DJs can not even think of. There are several Online DJ lessons that reveal the key attributes of successful DJing.

Top 10 DJ Lessons Los Angeles Tips for the Beginners

  1. Connect with Djing: The foremost attribute that a beginner must constitute includes passion, more precisely, whole-hearted dedication. Being a beginner, you have to throw yourself entirely on Djining. Read and listen as much as possible, and practice unless you feel exhausted.
  2. Get Appropriate Djing Software and Hardware: The virtual DJ software and DJ controllers help in learning Djing, hence you should procure appropriate instruments including a good-quality headphones. To know more about the latest equipment’s and technology, you can always refer to DJ lessons Los Angeles.
  3. Excel in Mixing Techniques: Beat matching, harmonic mixing, phrase mixing, special effects, etc., are some of the basic skills that would help you to evolve your skills. Read about them, pick relevant literature focused on DJ techniques like books, magazines, tutorials and the online DJ lessons. Start experimenting when you have developed enough skills.
  4. Keep Excelling the Theme-based Rhythmic Flows: You should practice experimenting various mix-types, including the popular Dj music for parties. Try to mix the most appealing numbers, which should narrate a particular story based on various party themes like best Dj gigs in upcoming festivals, which would enhance your skills and proficiency to perform live somewhere sometime.
  5. Practice a Style that Embraces a Brand: You should practice your skills in a manner that establishes you as a brand. Create your DJ logo and social pages that represent your style. Just like every leading DJ, you should own a signature, which carries your mixing style, quality, performance, outlook or any other feature.
  6. Market yourself: You should visit clubs besides promoting yourself online. Fix up appointments with the club managers, and give presentations of your gigs. This would strike somebody someday and you might reserve the DJ resident status.
  7. Keep Updated: Organize your schedule to learn, discover and practice. Dedicate some spare time to find the latest tracks and trends, as the audience would always relish the latest chart-busters. During the festive seasons, you can promote yourself as a leader who would present the best Dj gigs in upcoming festivals.
  8. Keep evolving: You should dedicate a routine period to learn and practice your DJ skills. Keep improvising during your sessions, as it leads to evolution, which refines your expertise. Discover new tracks and mixes while listening to other DJs or Shazam, and make a proper note of such amazing numbers.
  9. Upgrade your Equipment’s: You must keep track with the changing phase, hence, you should keep investing in the modern technologies. This will enhance the overall impact of your DJ shows.
  10. Practice Regularly: It doesn’t matter how big a star you are. What matters is your consistency and uniqueness. Thus, in order to maintain your charisma, you should keep practicing regularly.

Djing as an industry is taking new leaps every new day. To explore more on the topic, always refer online DJ lessons and the music-bank, which would enhance your proficiency to produce the best Dj gigs in upcoming festivals and the popular Dj music for parties.


The Best Way to Learn a Song on Guitar by Ear

To figure out a quintessential guitar tune by ear is a stupendous feeling. Any instrumental musician will consider it as a major achievement. It imparts a certain confidence in the musician as he gains the ability to practice without having to depend on a notation sheet. Figuring out a guitar chord by ear can be learned facilely by attending any of the best guitar lessons in Los Angeles. In professional terms, this skill is known as transcribing and it is viable for various guitar types. Transcribing eliminates the need of practicing with a band as a musician can learn the tune playing solo.

There are many ways in which the skill of transcribing can be acquired. Tutorial videos, online guitar learning tips, and face to face sessions are a few of those. The important thing is to acknowledge that it cannot be achieved overnight. You will need to put regular efforts and practice into the process.

How to figure out a tune by ear?

  1. The central chord: First of all, you need to determine a central chord of the song or tune you are aiming to learn. There is always a single central chord for any song. Generally, the final chord is the central chord. Therefore, it is recommended to learn the song using the live versions as the reference. This eliminates the difficulty of finding the chord for the fading out portion of the song. Sometimes, the central chord is located at the beginning of the song. However, the chances of this are rare.
  2. Listen to it time and again: The next step is listening to it carefully. Play different notes on the low E string and locate the one that sounds like the central chord. Note down the name and fret number. While listening to the last chorus, find each chord’s root note. Repeat this process and for each fret correct the chord misheard earlier.
  3. Going back to the root note: Now play the central chord as the power chord. Power chords are the two-strings chords, located at the bottom. These chords make quintessential rock sounds. Now play the changes in the chorus with the power chords. Keep listening and correcting the misheard sounds. Move on to the next steps or repeat the above steps until you become proficient at it.
  4. Deciphering the central chord: Listen to the central chord to know whether it is minor or major. A punk tune or hard rock is a power chord. If the chord is minor it sounds melancholic, if it is major then it is likely to be upbeat. The same fret accentuates bare chords, replace them with power chords. If you are unable to do so, then at the same fret replace it with open chords.
  5. Find other chords in the same manner: You can locate other chords accentuated in a chorus by repeating the same process. Transcribe all the chords one by one. Most sections of a verse are repeated in a song or a tune which means you will not have to repeat the process again and again. Initially, transcribing takes a little more effort and time, but regular practice makes an amateur proficient at learning tunes in this manner.

You can take help of your instructor at any of the recommended best guitar lessons in Los Angeles. It can be done facilely with the face to face perfect guitar learning.