Top 10 DJing Tips for Beginners- Take Sessions

DJs embrace an appealing persona that cannot be defined in just a few words. However, music lovers have a great respect for the favorite DJs who carry unique style and charismatic personality. Such a craze can be witnessed during much acclaimed DJ nights around. There are particular attributes that draw so many fans to follow their ideal DJs and their shows. Many beginners find it difficult to learn DJing, yet a few of them achieve a significant position. The basic anchoring skills and knowledge about popular Dj music is not just sufficient to be acclaimed as a successful DJ. However, certain other eminent traits are required to be excelled, which DJ lessons Los Angeles boasts of.

Let us explore why a particular kind of DJs enjoys such a privileged association with its audience, which other DJs can not even think of. There are several Online DJ lessons that reveal the key attributes of successful DJing.

Top 10 DJ Lessons Los Angeles Tips for the Beginners

  1. Connect with Djing: The foremost attribute that a beginner must constitute includes passion, more precisely, whole-hearted dedication. Being a beginner, you have to throw yourself entirely on Djining. Read and listen as much as possible, and practice unless you feel exhausted.
  2. Get Appropriate Djing Software and Hardware: The virtual DJ software and DJ controllers help in learning Djing, hence you should procure appropriate instruments including a good-quality headphones. To know more about the latest equipment’s and technology, you can always refer to DJ lessons Los Angeles.
  3. Excel in Mixing Techniques: Beat matching, harmonic mixing, phrase mixing, special effects, etc., are some of the basic skills that would help you to evolve your skills. Read about them, pick relevant literature focused on DJ techniques like books, magazines, tutorials and the online DJ lessons. Start experimenting when you have developed enough skills.
  4. Keep Excelling the Theme-based Rhythmic Flows: You should practice experimenting various mix-types, including the popular Dj music for parties. Try to mix the most appealing numbers, which should narrate a particular story based on various party themes like best Dj gigs in upcoming festivals, which would enhance your skills and proficiency to perform live somewhere sometime.
  5. Practice a Style that Embraces a Brand: You should practice your skills in a manner that establishes you as a brand. Create your DJ logo and social pages that represent your style. Just like every leading DJ, you should own a signature, which carries your mixing style, quality, performance, outlook or any other feature.
  6. Market yourself: You should visit clubs besides promoting yourself online. Fix up appointments with the club managers, and give presentations of your gigs. This would strike somebody someday and you might reserve the DJ resident status.
  7. Keep Updated: Organize your schedule to learn, discover and practice. Dedicate some spare time to find the latest tracks and trends, as the audience would always relish the latest chart-busters. During the festive seasons, you can promote yourself as a leader who would present the best Dj gigs in upcoming festivals.
  8. Keep evolving: You should dedicate a routine period to learn and practice your DJ skills. Keep improvising during your sessions, as it leads to evolution, which refines your expertise. Discover new tracks and mixes while listening to other DJs or Shazam, and make a proper note of such amazing numbers.
  9. Upgrade your Equipment’s: You must keep track with the changing phase, hence, you should keep investing in the modern technologies. This will enhance the overall impact of your DJ shows.
  10. Practice Regularly: It doesn’t matter how big a star you are. What matters is your consistency and uniqueness. Thus, in order to maintain your charisma, you should keep practicing regularly.

Djing as an industry is taking new leaps every new day. To explore more on the topic, always refer online DJ lessons and the music-bank, which would enhance your proficiency to produce the best Dj gigs in upcoming festivals and the popular Dj music for parties.


Beat Matching and Blending Made Easy

Beat Matching and Blending Made Easy

Technology has made the life of mankind easier, and it has had no lesser role to play in the field of DJing. Today, almost anyone with a good selection of track and simple beatmatching software can plug his smartphone on to the console and start playing songs. But is that enough to create an atmosphere of high energy and enthusiasm to keep the crowd’s feet planted on the dance floor? Well, certainly not.

Above and beyond having a good playlist and track selection, it requires of the DJ to be deft on the mark while changing and mixing the tracks. It is here where a true DJ stands the test of the crowd, as not mixing the songs properly or getting the beats of the next track to not sync with the existing one can make the audience lose interest in the dance floor. Because nobody likes to dance out of sync to the music being played, right?

This is why beatmatching is so important and prerequisite to a DJ’s skills. It is the art of seamlessly mixing the tracks to create a wonderful consistency of great music being played out without interruptions that make it so great to keep dancing to the tune of the DJ. Beatmatching, or as some preferring to call it blending, is the very essence of becoming a DJ. It is something which is taught in the formative days of a DJ, as this is a skill without which a DJ has no business handling the console and the turntables!

Learning to blend music and beat matching equips the DJ with the ability to play on anything. Yes, there are software these days that does the beat matching work for you, but it’s better to learn beatmatching manually as it gives you more options, like playing at a vinyl-only gig. At Take Sessions, you can learn how to blend and beat match from the best professionals in the music industry. With real-time DJ experience and an excellent track record of successful gigs Take Sessions lets you connect with these professionals who offer DJ lessons Los Angeles for young enthusiasts wanting to excel in the art of DJing.

With an array of expert DJs in the house, learning beat matching and blending music into a seamless thread of continuous songs has never been easier and also more affordable, for at Take Sessions you can choose from your own list of professional DJs who you think most suits your needs. Come, connect, and learn the best DJ practices from those who are best at it.

Professional Tips For DJing

Professional Tips & Techniques For DJing

So you think you have a good taste in music and a knack to mix soundtracks and make audiences groove to your tune? But you’re not sure whether it is good enough to navigate through the grueling music industry and emerge victorious (read a successful DJ)? Well every famous DJ once started with that very same dream that you’re having right now, of playing out your music to the world. What separates them from you is the constant dedication they showed towards their passion, not stopping at anything, very least the prospect of failure. It is indeed hard for a DJ to make his/her mark in this very competitive space, for there are a lot of talented folks out there vying to occupy that same spot you have been dreaming of. Well, fear not for there are a number of ways you can up your ante by following some basic tips and guidelines of becoming a better DJ.

Well, first and foremost, you have to understand that being a DJ means playing for the audience. Of course it is the love and passion which you have for music that got you interested in DJing in the first place, for this profession lets you play with different music genres and experiment with songs by mixing them and creating new tunes and beats out of existing ones. But over indulgence in your own self while forgetting to play what the crowd wants can turn out to be pretty unforgiving for your DJing career. It is really important to therefore create a playlist which resonates well with the present crowd, for they have come at a place having spent money and expecting good lively music to dance to.

There is no denying that practice makes a man perfect, and the same can be applied in the world of DJ as well. Practicing with professionals, however, is a different game altogether. It allows you to learn from their techniques and playing styles, making you better with each passing day. It is therefore advisable to find professional help and go for DJ Lessons Los Angeles residents; there is some good news for you on this front, as there are numerous professionals in and around the Los Angeles County area that provide professional DJ lessons. Learning from experts is the best way to go about it, as they can provide deep subject knowledge and give valuable insights taken out of their own professional experience, and this is vital for understanding the tricks of that particular trade.

So young aspirants, prep up your DJ gears and go seek that mentor who you think can enable you to become the master of music you one day hope to become. And if you ever need some help tracking them down, offers a great platform that can hook you up with DJ lessons in Los Angeles.

The 5 Common Mistakes Of Amateur Djs

1. It’s really easy being a Dj

How can something be easy if it’s an art and is meant to move you. Not everyone has the talent to move an audience, we are like composers. Your goal is to read the audience and reflect it in your music. Never allow anyone to make light of your work, and diminish the hours you put in. I see this happen often and even relates to how much Dj’s are willing to take to perform. Something that is creative has no tangible value so it is what you and others are willing to value it. Always be proud of your mixes and experience you have.

2. More focused on the promotion side than building relationships

So this one I feel is true but to an extent. The music industry is unfortunately hard to be in and definitely requires you to build relationships. You have to do this genuinely though because these are the people that help you get noticed. Talent can only get you so far and you have to put in time in building your fan base. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t build demand with your production. Promoting plateau  at a certain point if what your promoting isn’t quality work.

3. Believing there isn’t much of a skill curve

Ok, this one always gets to me because Dj’s think they learned all of the tricks of the trade. This is for those who never put in the time to understand production, music theory, spectrum’s, phrases, midi, and more. There is so much to being a dj and everything you learn will reflect in your mix. Remember that your audience doesn’t understand what you’re doing and they make a subconscious decision to dance. Every second of your mix directly affects your audience’s feelings towards the music, and to you as a performer. By the way, has anyone figured out who the girl on the cover image is?

4. The business side doesn’t interest you.

Some people join the music industry because it lets them express themselves but never learn the business behind it. You’re in a cutthroat industry and people won’t blink twice in treating you unfairly. Any contract you sign can set you up for problems way into the future of your career. Every Dj must have some knowledge of the business side to be effective, and quite frankly taken seriously.

5. Downloading massive playlists

Ok, you know who you are.. I never understood why Djs pay or download huge gigs of music. Do you know if every track you are getting are high quality 320? Even then, will all of the tracks be ID3 tagged properly or even fit your form of mixing. Djing is about telling a story, and just downloading boundless tracks will ruin the journey. It’s quite fun going on different blog sites to find music or even from Youtube. This helps you really understand what type of music you are into and organize everything accordingly.