Easy Steps to Play Piano Chords to a Melody

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As a beginner in piano learning, you may find it difficult to remember chords and play melodies. Don’t be disheartened because practice makes a man perfect!  With regular and focused sessions, you can easily get a grasp on the chords by learning to change keys rapidly.

Let’s make piano learning easy for you by giving you a low-down on the different ways you can use to enhance your hold on the chords. Apart from taking efficient piano lessons on Los Angeles from expert trainers, you can follow the below mentioned steps to be the perfect piano player.

  • Keep in mind that the left hand is utilized for playing chords while the right hand is utilized for the melody.
  • Now look for C Major- also known as the common key, it is the easiest chord to play.
  • Piano is best learnt if you start learning how to fit the chords with the melody notes. Start with simple songs, and begin by analyzing the section where you can place the chords.
  • Find the chords in the major scale and note them for future reference as they will be helpful when you gain learning in the theory of harmony.
  • Once you have decided upon the chords for your melody write them down above words.
  • Now the next step is to get used to the chords. Play them to the beats and see what sounds the best. If you are not happy, then don’t refrain from experimenting. Mix and match until you find the melody that gives relief to your ears.

The above steps should give you a better understanding of playing chords to a melody. If you still can’t get a hang of it, then professional music learning is the way to go. Our trained instructors provide you with the best piano lessons Los Angeles! You can count on them to enhance your understating of music.