Learn Guitar Tuning Techniques For Better Rhythm

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Did you know tuning makes a great deal of difference to your guitar’s sound? Accomplished guitar professionals would know that problems with the guitar’s tuning can, in fact, completely wreck your guitar’s rhythm and sound. Proper guitar tuning is thus necessary if you want to avoid your music from sounding dull.

If you are a beginner in guitar lessons then you might not easily notice the lack of tuning in your electric guitar, but this easily becomes noticeable once This sound becomes amplified. People with a good ear can also tell the difference right away and it is something that just takes experience. It has always been a challenge for guitar players to get the perfect tuning, and for beginners the task gets even more difficult. Whether you are taking online guitar lessons or opting for guitar lessons Los Angeles, you should start making it a habit to get the tuning of your guitar right, even if not perfect (which anyway takes decades of practice to perfect).

Here are the tips you can use to for better tuning of your electric guitar so your music sounds just right!

  • Taking Guitar Lessons at home? The first step should be to buy a high-quality electric guitar. Make sure your instructor makes you practice on a top-notch guitar. A good electric guitar will prevent the tuning issues caused by bad quality components and design.

BegiWhile buying a guitar for the first time, make sure that you take the help of an expert. The market is replete with low quality guitars that look good on the outside but come with inferior tuning machines or bad bridge designs.

  • After you have selected the right guitar, the next step in the way is to get the right setup for personal playing- which includes action, adjustment of the neck, intonation and the fret level. You might, again, need the assistance of a guitar expert with this if you are a beginner. If you are taking guitar lessons Los Angeles then this should not be a problem as your personal tutor will definitely help you with the setting up.
  • Next step is to ensure that you have good quality strings. Old and worn out strings are a strict no as they don’t respond properly.
  • Make sure you buy locking tuners. These are easy to install and they ease the process of replacing strings.
  • Beginners should consider going for heavy gauge strings once their fingers have become well adapted to playing the guitar.
  • If you want to learn to play guitar then consult with your instructor about advanced bridge designs. These designs can considerably enhance the tuning stability of your electric guitar.
  • Sudden out of tuning after a pop can be rectified by applying some graphite on the nut. Always make sure you consult a guitar expert if the problem is not resolved easily. The ways the nut slots are cut make a big deal of difference in your guitar’s tuning.

There you go! Following the above tips should give you a good hold on your guitar tuning ability. Make sure you do get a high quality electric tuner to diminish any further problems. Have a great time learning guitar!