Take Sessions: An Outstanding Platform For Customizable Music Education

Award Winning Startup Take Sessions

Music is a beautiful and expressive art. It actually works like food for the soul. Whether you are a true blue music lover, a hobbyist or an amateur, the love of music is omnipresent. This art form holds the power to transform your mood and divert your attention from disturbing factors, thereby calming your senses. Jonathan Saedian is the owner of the award-winning platform, Take Sessions. He firmly believes that music has the power to alter your mind instantly.

What Take Sessions is all about?

There are countless platforms available that offer music education. Then, what makes Take Sessions different? According to Jonathan Take Sessions has played an instrumental role in making music accessible to everyone. An aspiring student can book an in-studio, at-home or online private lessons to understand the music from its roots. Take Sessions is for everyone whether he/she is just a beginner or has some basic understanding of music.

Jonathan also added that Take Sessions only connects the aspiring musicians with  experienced and vetted instructors who provide only the best in music education. He added, “We don’t believe in compromising  on the quality. Hence, we offer result-oriented programs for those who want to learn music and want to make their name in the industry.”

Who is Jonathan Saedian?

Jonathan SaedianAfter having won the second place in the CSUN’s 2016 Bull Ring venture, Jonathan has become a famous name in the music industry. The reason behind establishing his award winning start-up Take Sessions, Jonathan claims is his passion for the music from an early age. Over the years, with constant hard work, he  gained lots of experience and skills to make his name as a DJ.

The concept of Take Sessions was conceived when he started taking on students to teach. He says, “I thought, why not make a platform where students and trainers connect with each other.” At present, Take Sessions is available in Los Angeles, but he hopes to take this venture to another level. This amazing venture is not just a platform, but a passion for Jonathan.

Though Jonathan was born in Iran, at the age of 4, he moved with his family to Los Angeles. At the age of 11, he discovered his passion for music and created his own sounds. He gained lot of experience and skills and built his reputation as a DJ. He used to play regularly at the private parties and events. Just when the recession hit, he decided to offer DJ lessons in Los Angeles. The idea of Takesessions came into his mind as he started taking up students. His father helped him in purchasing all the equipment’s he needed and also helped him in setting up this new venture.

Though it took many years, but finally in 2015, Jonathan managed to start his own company. He wanted to build a brand with pure dedication and hard work. Currently, Takesessions is only available in Los Angeles, but Jonathan has plans of launching it nationwide, soon.