Top 25 Tips for Improving As a Guitarist

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You might have heard of the phrase- Every Drop in the Ocean Counts. This phrase proves to be true in all aspects of life. With every little effort you do, you contribute in achieving something bigger in your life. When incorporating this idea in guitar playing, you will find that there are several opportunities and techniques which when adopted, will prove to be milestones in your career as a guitarist. In this blog we are going to shed some light on top 50 tips that will be helpful to you in improving your skills and techniques of guitar lessons Los Angeles.

Ways to Enhance Your Guitar Skills

Adopt all the below-mentioned ways in your daily routine and you will observe a great improvement in your guitar playing. Have a look.

  1. Do not just pay attention to the guitar gear. Give twice the attention to guitar playing if you really want to achieve something.
  2. Make it your routine to practice guitar every day for a particular amount of time.
  3. Practice all the modes of every scale.
  4. Play all the scale on all the strings as well as one string at a time.
  5. Just give a try to play the scale pattern in a backward manner and if possible learn it as well.
  6. Practicing with a metronome will turn out to be good for you.
  7. Learning to play a song from a different genre and then modify it according to your own style.
  8. Sing along with all the notes that you play and learn playing in a lyrical manner.
  9. Learn a piece created by a different instrument.
  10. Whilst playing guitar instead of singing from chest, sing from your gut.
  11. Learn a song with a different set of chords rather than with the original chords.
  12. Do not rest your palm on the guitar while playing.
  13. Before practicing, loosen yourself a bit by meditating or by doing yoga.
  14. Practice both left hand as well as right hand fingering techniques.
  15. When playing solo, practice behind the beats similar to a jazz solo player.
  16. Rather than reading a book, subscribe to an online guitar lessons in Los Angeles.
  17. While practicing, record your songs, and listen to them afterwards. This way you can find ways to improve your playing.
  18. Do not use effects or distortions, when practicing.
  19. Connect an emotion with every song you play and then portray that emotion with your playing.
  20. Do not practice more than half an hour at a particular instance. Take breaks in between to give your mind some rest.
  21. Always practice while standing as this is how you are going to play live in front of the others.
  22. Always clean the guitar strings after playing, so as to increase their lifespan.
  23. Experiment with variant guitar picks of different thickness and material.
  24. Experiment with both silicon and germanium based fuzz pedals to find out which one you like more.
  25. Last but not the least keeps a perfect balance between learning and song-writing.

So fellas, there you go! Try all these tips and for more assistance enroll in online guitar lessons Loss Angeles.