Our mission is to develop aspiring students into professionals in their field. Our independent and a creative teachers focus on more than just teaching you an instrument. They are here to teach about the business and give you an insight or give easy-going students an immersive experience. We’ve set up Take Sessions to allow teachers to adjust their courses to meet each students need. We encourage our students to pursue their dreams and we want to be a part of that journey. We also give students an opportunity to become interns through our master programs and receive credited work. We offer all types of sessions from mixing, guitar, piano, vocals, djing, music production, to songwriting. Best part is we have eliminated overhead unlike other music schools to truly offer you the best price for quality sessions.Take Sessions is here to teach total development of each student and be a pillar in their step to success.


At Take Sessions our vision is to offer quality lessons to our students by connecting them directly to independent and experienced teachers. We want you to be a part of your ambitions and help you be something great.