Differentiate Between the Various Guitar Types

While the acoustic guitar is often the first introduction to the beginner’s world of music, for learners it is important that they are aware of the various guitar types so they can make an informed choice when buying a new Guitar. The three primary guitar types are: the electric, the acoustic and the acoustic-electric. While most people are ware about the former two, many find themselves scratching their heads when confronted with a hybrid term like electro-acoustic.

While it may seem like something of a mystery to the uninitiated, an acoustic-electric guitar is not as complex as it sounds. If you are taking online guitar lessons or are looking forward to enrolling yourself in guitar lessons Los Angeles, then here’s a ready reckon-er for you to get your facts right about the various guitar types!

The Various Types Guitars

  1. Classical guitar: The classical guitar is a variation of the Spanish instrument and features 6 nylon strings. Another notable feature is that as its strings are non-metal, the instrument is played with the assistance of fingers and not a pick.
  2. Acoustic guitar: The acoustic guitar has evolved from the classic guitar and features metal strings (steel). The steel strings endow the stringed instrument with a loud metallic sound. They are also known by the name of ‘flat-tops’.
  3. Electric guitar: As opposed to the acoustic guitars which are dependent on their deep body to create the sound, the electric guitar features a thin body and is apt to be used with an amplifier. The strings are also thinner. The main advantage of the electric guitar is the ease of playing due to the thin body, contoured shape, and other such factors.
  4. Electro-acoustic: Last but not the least; let’s move on to the elector-acoustic variant! This type comes with special pickups that are designed to recreate the timbre of an acoustic guitar. It can be connected to an amp to amplify the distinctive acoustic sounds when you plan to play in front of an audience.

While buying an electro-acoustic guitar for your guitar lessons Los Angeles, make sure you keep the following points in mind:

  • Try the guitar to get a real feel- plugged and unplugged
  • Don’t be shy to ask for advice from your fellow music lovers and assistants in the music shop
  • Don’t let go of the quality in favor of a cheap price tag
  • Choose a size and shape that is convenient for you to play
  • Go for solid neck, built-in tuner, and a good quality tuner

With the above points in mind you should be all set to shop for a new guitar that helps you develop your skills through online guitar lessons. If you are ready to get your hands dirty and learn guitar the right way, then there is nothing better than getting in touch with an experienced teacher for individual guitar lessons Los Angeles through TakeSessions.com!


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