Electric or Acoustic: What Should Guitar Learners Pick?

Buying a guitar is one of the first tasks that need to be checked off from the list of a beginner guitar learner. Making a decision between an acoustic and an electric guitar may seem like a hurdle at first, but it is not as difficult as it seems. This is, in fact, one of the most common questions that a guitar instructor gets asked.

In case you have already enrolled for online guitar lessons, or are receiving live guitar lessons Los Angeles from a teacher, then we are sure that you must be on the verge of getting your hands on a new guitar. After all nothing feels better than practicing on a self-owned guitar. Let’s make the choice between acoustic and electric easy for you by clarifying certain factors and you can enhance your life with music. Music is much important and very much needed by everybody weather to relieve stress or change their mood. If music is put to a good use, it can bring a big change in one’s life.

1. What is the music genre that interests you?

This is one of the biggest factors in deciding the guitar type. Love the sounds of country blues? Acoustic is the way to go. Interested in folk or bluegrass? Yet again, your best fit is the Acoustic. Lovers of heavy metal and rock shall best have their fingers practiced on the Electric.

2. Are you planning to play in a band or want to go solo?

While an acoustic guitar is best played when paired with other acoustic instruments, it is also the ideal choice if you plan on playing solo, especially if you are to sing while playing. For those interested in playing with a band, they should preferably pick an electric option for themselves. In case your aim is to play solo as well as with a band, you can opt for an acoustic-electric guitar that is flexible enough to be adjusted according to the situation.

3. What budget do you have in mind?

Even though it is possible to lay your hands on affordable guitars in both the acoustic and electric segment, remember that while buying an electric you will have to bear the added cost of a good quality amplifier. With pickups, tuners, and other upgrades- an electric will prove to be more expensive but it will also be a good long-term investment.

With the above questions answered, we are sure that you will buy a guitar with much ease. While it is said that it is easy to transition from an acoustic to electric, for most beginners who are starting with guitar lessons Los Angeles it is best if they opt for a guitar that suits the versatile needs of their online guitar lessons. Good luck learning!

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