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Private 1on1 music production lessons with an experienced musician

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Are you looking to learn from an experienced music producer?

If you are a creator from inside and want to create music, then music production can be your field of expertise. Unlock the music inside you. Music production lesson gives you the necessary skills to create songs, scores, and soundtracks, by understanding and using contemporary software, music theory and composition. If you have the passion, Take Sessions’s instructors will show you the way.

When Hollywood, the home of many musical landmarks, including the iconic Capitol Records building and IVAR theatre, is your address, you should not be worried about finding the best guidance during your musical journey.

No matter what your style or interest, you will be shown how to craft your tunes, and build your sounds from the ground up. Our music production of Los Angeles invites instructors who are specialists in electronic sound design, who will lead you towards your goal to become a music producer. Your teacher will help to let the sound you want, come out of your mind, into your DAW, by sharing the techniques and tricks. He/she will help you to start a new track and build up the track. You will be enriched with the industry and production tips while learning from such professionals.

Music production has different styles and aspects, which need different skill sets and training. You can visit the listed instructor’s profile to view the specializations they have and select your instructor according to your need.


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